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Hey Vancouverites! During our Kickstarter Campaign for Trembling Void's new Fantastic Transgender Comedy the Switch, we'll be holding a promotional gala. Come meet the cast!

March 16th
Cafe Deux Soleil on Commercial Drive
Doors at 7:30pm
Show at 8pm
Tickets at the door, suggested donate $2-$10 sliding scale to cover our costs, no one turned away for lack of funds.
If you want to volunteer at the event, you get in for free. Please contact if you would like to volunteer.

Come as Benton Fraser, wear a Jayne hat, dress as your favourite Canadian celebrity, or just dress up!

There will a DJ, a viewing of the teaser trailer, and some other performances. Executive Producer, Showrunner and star Amy Fox will do a Q&A. Get your picture taken with a cast member in our instagram photobooth, mingle with local community members and enjoy the fantastic Cafe Deux Soleil.

Accessibility Information:
The entrance is wheelchair accessible. There are seating options with the following dimensions - booths (up one, 6 1/2" step, not fat-friendly); booths on floor (slightly more clearance); chair-and-table (13 sets throughout, seats 18"hX17"w, sturdy wooden chairs, tables at 31"h); bench style (18"h benches, moveable, variable clearance, 31"h table); bar stools (29"h with counter @ 42"h). The main service counter is 38"h, cutlery counter= 42"h X 19"d. The washrooms are not fully accessible, as the entrance is 28" wide. The ladies stall door swings outward but only 25" clearance. The mens stall door swings out but only 23" clearance. As well the stage is currently inaccessible. For more detailed information please check out

RSVP at facebook
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